Tips for a stunning Father-Daughter dance

The first dance at a wedding is important, yes, but there’s one special moment that’s often overlooked – the bride and father’s first dance at a wedding. After all, a girl’s father is the first male figure in her life who has loved her from the moment of birth.

Allow us to share a few tips for a successful father-daughter dance.

Choose a song

The song is probably the most important element of the dance. Without a song you both feel comfortable with, the dance will feel forced and uncomfortable. Choose a song that holds a special meaning to both of you.

Determine the type of dance

Will it be a choreographed masterpiece or something a bit more sentimental? Will your moves be limited to swaying from side to side, something sincere or did you have something more spontaneous and fun in mind? One of our dance professionals can assist you with a choreographed dance.

Keeping things short

You’ll want to opt for the shorter version of the song when starting the dance so as to retain your guests’ attention and keep from becoming too fidgety yourselves. Speak to your DJ and plan a nice length to your dance.

Make it personal

There’s no need to be stiff or pull out some impressive dance moves. Keep things personal and authentic. Go for any dance that makes both of you feel comfortable and that’ll remind your guests of who you are. Don’t fake anything or try to do something that’ll come across as unnatural.

Determine if you need lessons

Once you have your song, it’s time to start practicing. However, if both you and your father find it difficult to get going, you might want to consider going for a lesson or two. Fred Astaire Roodepoort offers wedding dance lessons that are tailored to your requirements.

When you book your lessons with your fiancé, why not book a couple of lessons for your father and yourself as well? You shouldn’t be worrying about anything on your big day, allow our passionate and lively instructors to sort everything out.

Fathers – It’s okay to cry

On a last note, we would like to tell the fathers that it’s okay to cry on their daughter’s big day. Let yourself slip and don’t be afraid to show some emotion, it’s an important dance after all and no one will think unkindly of you. On the contrary, it’ll make the moment all the more special.

We’ve found a couple of stunning father-daughter dance examples on YouTube. We would advise you browse through YouTube yourselves to gain some inspiration for your dance.




A few takeaway tips for your Father-Daughter dance: Be yourself, make it personal, relax and make the moment special. Cherish the moment as it only comes by once in a lifetime. We are looking forward to making that first dance a very, very special one. After all, we are in the business of designing memories.


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