Put ‘hip’ back into your life with hip hop dance lessons at Fred Astaire Roodepoort

If you’ve ever seen hip hop dance films such as the Step Up franchise or Save the Last Dance, we can imagine that the dance style can come across as quite intimidating and very difficult to learn. Well, don’t let your two left feet or the right one concern you because this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Hip hop if an exhilarating and very fun dance style to learn and one that can be mastered at Fred Astaire Roodepoort. Hip hop is a dance style that doesn’t discriminate and one in which you can freely express yourself.

So, whether you are young or old, read this to find out why you should take up hip hop dance lessons and watch the video at the end; this could be you after a few lessons, no lie.

You’ll be able to dance like you know what you’re doing

Let’s face it, there’s nothing cooler (for lack of a better word) than being able to bust a proper move on the dance floor at a club or a friend’s party. After a few dance lessons, you will soon have everyone surrounding you and cheering you on.

Don’t drop the attitude

Guess what? Hip hop is actually ‘attitude’ spelled with a capital A and there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re in need of a confidence booster then hip hop is just the way to go as this dance style is so expressive and unapologetic.

Drop the stress

Dancing is known to be a great stress reliever. If you’re feeling angry or have pent up energy that needs releasing, floating across the dance floor won’t cut it though. Without the need to have a partner, you are free to express yourself, relieve stress without stepping on any toes and take control of your emotions. It’s okay to be angry when dancing hip hop, that’s the great thing, your emotions give you that edge.

Turn the beat upside down

We get it, dancing to music that is produced by a brass instrument of any sort isn’t for everyone. With hip hop lessons you get to dance to the best music and the fact that most songs are remixed means you will never experience a dull moment where music is concerned.

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And now the reading is done. As promised, here is a video that should inspire you to become the next BIG thing in the world of hip hop. Thank you for sticking around. Peace out.

Top 3 – BEST Hip Hop Dance EVER on America’s Got Talent


Source: America’s Got Talent, uploaded by Vera Charlington

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