Ladies, spice up your winter with Salsa dance lessons

Yup, we’re not talking about your chopped up mix of onions, tomatoes and whatever else you put in your salsa, we’re talking about the feisty queen of the Latin dances; Salsa with a capital S, baby! It’s time to dial things up a notch, heat up your winter with passion and fierce dance moves. Why Salsa? Why the near overbearing use of the word Salsa in this intro? 😉

We’ll give you several reasons why you should take up Salsa dance lessons this winter!

Meet new friends etcetera, nudge-nudge we’re winking at you

And by etcetera we mean you might just stumble upon your very own Javier. Who’s Javier? Well, have you watched Dirty Dancing 2? Sneak a peek at this article if you’re curious to see this sexy tall drink of water on a hot, summer’s evening. Dancing in general is a social activity giving you the opportunity to meet new people in a relaxed and fun environment.

Your hips won’t lie

Seriously, Salsa brings out a different side in you. You’ll learn how to move with the likes of Shakira and baby girl, J-lo! You’ll learn how to be more in touch with your body and how it moves on the dance floor. It may feel and look awkward at the beginning but it won’t be long before you’re tearing up the dance floor with your sexy, shaking behind.

Improved confidence

Dance lessons, especially those of the Latin persuasion, will improve your confidence and interaction with the opposite sex. Besides that, you’ll gain a stunningly fierce posture, the kind any lady ought to have. You’ll learn to walk taller and add a little swagger to your step.

Leave a kilo or two on the dance floor

It’s no secret, dancing can help you lose weight so there’s the answer you’ve been looking for. Dance your way to that bikini-ready body and start saving for a holiday in Havana where you’ll confidently be able to take part in those random, totally un-planned salsa evenings. It’ll be like something out of a movie!

An excuse to dress up

When in your adult life do you get the opportunity to dress in a glittering number, do an extravagant job of your makeup and curl your hair to within an inch of its life? Only for the dance floor. Treat yourself and really make an effort. With the sass must come the look to match it. Don’t be afraid to show a little leg, either. It may be winter but inside Fred Astaire Roodepoort, dancing keeps the fire burning.

Convinced? Mmm, we bet you are. Sign up for your first free dance lesson and see the lay of the floor. If anything, you’ll have gotten a free and fun evening out with a gal pal. Contact us to reserve your lesson.

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