Our favourite dancers from movies

Let’s face it; everyone has at least one favourite dance scene or dancer from a movie, even if it is the closing scene of Dirty Dancing or sexy Mike. We thought we’d give you some inspiration to take up dance lessons by sharing some of our favourite dancers from movies with you. Join the conversation on social media and let us know which dancer is your favourite.

Ren (The Original) – Footloose

Kevin Bacon won many a lady’s heart with his smooth moves and full head of hair in the 80s. He took the small town of Bomont by storm with his seemingly effortless moves. Everyone can join, it’s easy! Trust us, it’s not that easy. It only took his friend months to master the move seen in the gif below.

 1984 kevin bacon kenny loggins footloose lets dance GIF


Johnny Castle – Dirty Dancing

Yet another very sexy dancer from the 80s, Johnny Castle. Here’s a bit of trivia you might not have known. Remember the iconic stage dive he did at the end of the movie? Well, Patrick Swayze hurt his knee in an accident before the film and yet he still braved the jump, no stunt-double used. Now courage of that magnitude trumps his dirty but oh-so-lovely dance moves.

 dirty dancing GIF


Andie – Step Up

Andie started the Step Up revolution. This is when the movies actually became cool, no offence Channing. In the second film, she rebelled against her stringent ballet instructor and started a dance crew of dancers that continually appear in the other movies in the franchise.

Moose – Step Up

No one can bust a move as uniquely as Moose in the Step Up franchise. His dance style is touched with a Broadway influence yet Broadway has never looked so… awesome. He continuously makes an appearance in the other movies in the franchise, each dance scene more memorable than the last. Below is a clip of our favourite scene.

Javier Suarez – Dirty Dancing, Havana Nights

Johnny Castle was the original sexy; Javier is just a newer, younger, Latino model. He exudes passion and energy and his hips certainly don’t lie. He made dirty dancing even hotter, if that’s possible. We can thus confidently say that, for a change, this sequel isn’t a flop.

 dirty dancing GIF


Taz – Stomp the Yard 2

Everyone loves a good protagonist but this antagonist blew our mind for one simple reason, he can’t dance, in real life that is. In a behind the scenes interview, the actor who plays Taz in the second Stomp the Yard movie admitted that he had to learn the moves from scratch. Equipped with nothing but pure natural talent and rhythm, you’d never say otherwise. Check out his moves.


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