9 reasons why dance classes are great for your kids

child dance lessons

At Fred Astaire Roodepoort, we aim to create a fun and stress-free environment in which to learn dancing for not only adults but for kids as well. Dancing is a fantastic skill to learn and the earlier a child gets to learn, the better. Here follows nine reasons why we say that.

  1. Dancing is fun: There’s no long winded way to explain it. Having fun is probably the single most important thing to any child and fun doesn’t get any better than dancing.
  2. Release energy in a positive manner: Many children are bundles of energy just waiting to be released, sometimes in negative ways. Dancing gives children the opportunity to get rid of their pent up energy in a positive manner.
  3. Discipline and dedication: Attending regular dance classes teaches children the importance of being disciplined and dedicated. If a dance routine gets challenging, children learn to persevere and ultimately adopt these characteristics in other aspects of their lives when older.
  4. Dancing is diverse: Children will without a doubt pick up and drop many different activities and hobbies in their young lives. With so many dance styles to choose from, every child will find something to suit his/her tastes. If not, they can just try the next dance style and the one after that and some hip hop as well.
  5. It’s educational: Dancing engenders problem solving skills, risk taking, creativity and higher-order thinking. It also helps with balance and co-ordination, two elements that are vital to every child’s development.
  6. Social interaction: If you have a shy child, dancing is the best way for him or her to develop invaluable social skills and cope with everyday social interaction.
  7. Confidence: While we are on the subject of social interaction, dancing can also help build a healthy measure of self-confidence in your child. Through dancing, your child will learn how to approach every situation in life with poise.
  8. Health benefits: Being overweight is a big concern in children today with many already rushing into a dreadfully unhealthy lifestyle. Dancing, however, improves physical fitness, stamina and memory while teaching children stress management as a bonus.
  9. Winning: Dancing competitively will give your child an early insight and understanding of the world of winning. Children will learn how to deal with losses and how to accept wins in a humble manner.

Our doors are open to all children aged 8 or older and the dance instructors at Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Roodepoort are ready to introduce your child to the amazing world of dance in a kind and patient manner.

Parents, we’re not forgetting about you. Dancing can be a great hobby and passion to share with your child so why not enrol both yourselves and your children in a dance programme?

If you are interested in enrolling your child in one of our dance programmes, contact us on 011 764-2177 or email




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