7 reasons why you need to take social dancing lessons at FADS Roodepoort

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You. Yes you. Your days of swaying left and right and snapping your fingers listlessly at a party are over! Our fabulous dance instructors at Fred Astaire Roodepoort are here to take you beyond a simple bobbing of the head to something more… social.

Why social dancing? We will start with seven reasons why you should take up social dancing lessons at Fred Astaire Dance Studio Roodepoort.

1.Leave your stress on the dance floor

Had a long day at the office? Feeling a bit stressed? Social dancing is a fun, pressure-free way to get rid of your pent up stress while learning a new skill. At Fred Astaire Roodepoort, it’s not about being the best, glitz or glam, it’s all about making you the star of a story you tell best.

2.Boost your confidence

Dancing does remarkable things for your confidence. Boosted self-confidence not only changes the way you carry yourself and look at yourself, it also changes the way you approach stressful situations in life.

3.Meet new people

Social dancing creates a fantastic environment in which to meet and engage with new people. There’s no excuse to sit at home alone. Don’t be shy, now. Join a social dancing lesson at Fred Astaire Roodepoort and expand your social circle. Meet new people and learn new things!

4.Spice up your love life

We’re not going to go all Dirty Dancing on you but trust us, social dancing (especially of the Latin variety) with your partner is a great way to connect and learn a new skill together, perhaps add some spice to your daily routine. Couples that dance together, tend to stay together, we say.

5.Put a break in your routine

Perhaps you’re tired of the same old hangout spots? Same friends? Same everything? Dancing adds a refreshing break in your daily routine while you get to improve yourself. From Latin to Ballroom, Hip Hop and Line Dancing, every week we will offer you something new at Fred Astaire Roodepoort.

6.Get Fit

Dancing has always been a fun way to get active! Tone up and burn some calories with a group of like-minded people. Dancing increases flexibility, strength, coordination and balance. At Fred Astaire Roodepoort, we take the ‘work’ out of workout.

7.There’s a variety

There is such a broad spectrum of dances to choose from, you won’t have a reason to be bored. Not feeling the tango? Perhaps the waltz will be more suited to your taste? In two weeks you can go from Hip Hop to Line Dancing with Fred Astaire Roodepoort’s social offerings.

Intrigued yet? We bet you are!

If you sign up between September and November 2017, you will get yourself a free month’s worth of dancing lessons! Click here to book your introductory social dance lesson today!







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